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The ‘magic’ found in libraries…

Gil Dekel.

…or should I say it’s cool ‘again’?… If you are a regular visitor, you probably never thought about it, but if you are a bit reluctant to spend time in the library more than the absolutely necessary, you might change your mind now.

“9 facts about Southampton University Library”, says the title of the video (see below). Okay, a library can offer, let’s see… books, and… books, and… some catalogues to search for books, probably WiFi, nice staff and possibly air conditioning.

But there’s so much more to a library than that. Especially University of Southampton Library! First of all, when you register with the University, you are automatically a member of the library. The less bureaucracy, the better!  Also, your University ID Card is your library card – it is a very user-friendly concept, isn’t it?

If you need books (which frequently happens given that you’re a student…) you can just check the library’s catalogue and see if they are available. You can then borrow books and other material, and once you are done simply return them.

Have you ever had to do a research on a certain topic and had no idea where to start looking for the relevant literature? The good thing about the University of Southampton Library is that besides the LibGuide resources and videos there are also Subject guides to help you with your studies. Journal articles in over 100,000 resources are available to you!

You can download the University app; WiFi is naturally provided, and you can use printers and copiers and even loan laptops. If you are looking for a quiet place to concentrate on studying, you can find it in the Library, while you can also study with your mates in the group study rooms.

If you want to gain more skills or improve them, you can take a training workshop held in the library, or visit the Hub to develop your critical thinking and become a professional in research.

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