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Dr. Gil Dekel.

How to target your actions towards a desired outcome? I would say that we all know our targets and aims we want to achieve in life. We also have a good idea of the actions we need to take, but we do not usually map them clearly.  So, all you need is to map your actions out clearly, and stick with them to achieve your goals. Here’s a word document template table that you can use.

Always start with the final target. Write it down at the end of the table, and then work your way back, noting down what you need to do in each step. Write what can stop you, and how to overcome it (where to get help).  For each step (action) write the deadline, starting from your final deadline, and back to today. You will end up with a plan listing all actions you need to take from now and until your final deadline.

The example below is a complete table of a task that was accomplished. When you start to fill the table, start by writing the final target at the bottom of the table and then go back to write steps 6, 5, 4, 3 – and so forth until you reach the present moment (step 1).

The example below was adapted from The Open University. It maps the target of an Open University student.

action planning - table image

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  Actions Actions – key points What I need to do What stops me Get help from Date to complete Revised date Date completed Tick once completed
1. Find out what the next TMA assignment is about Find.


·         Get to know the module’s planner (website)

·         Read assignment’s questions


Sometimes I am missing the point of the questions ·         Bob (he is good at explaining questions)



April 12 April 12
2. Gather material for draft prototype, and for the essay Gather


·         Explore existing prototypes or products out there

·         Go through my notes extracting relevant bits.

·         Check back through the module in case there is anything to add.

·         Open Uni library

·         TV may be useful

·         Students colleagues (tutor group via online forum)

April 20 April 20
3. Getting creative/
Creative. ·         Brainstorm

·         Sketch

·         Start creating 3D prototypes

·         Write reflections

·         Take photos

I am very creative, but not focused. I end up with too many drafts, that are not developed Share drafts with family, friends, other students (online) to help focus April 22 April 21 April 21
4. Essay article, draft Write. ·         Review and organise my reflections and photos.

·         Put my notes in some sort of order with an introduction and conclusion.

Share draft with family, friends, other students (online) April 25 April 26 April 26
5. Essay article, final Write. ·         Edit, proofread.

·         Change font (so looks ‘different’ on the screen) and then proofread again


·         Lucy (good at spotting mistakes in articles)

·         John (good at helping simplify sentences to make them more concise.

April 30 May 2 May 2
6. Submit Submit. Have final read through (just in case!), check photographs are clear, and post to tutor May 3 May 3
> Final target: Meet the TMA assignment deadline: May 5th

This table was developed from The Open University resource:


15 April 2018.

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Photo of list by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash. Photo in Public Domain.


Dr. Gil Dekel