By Gil Dekel

There is something that we all seem to be struggling with… Something that controls us; and yet we always want more of it… What do you think it is? Time, of course…

Managing your time will help you organise your day and help with your academic studies. But, how exactly can we manage time well?  How to master it, and plan ahead? Here is a short video I prepared with some tips:



Do you know someone in your class who always misses the deadlines, and is always the last to know what’s going on? That is not a happy case, is it?

So, how not to be like that? What can you do if the pace of study is a bit too fast? What if you cannot note down everything the teacher says in class?   Here are some quick tips:

First, consider asking buddies in your class to help. This can be life saver!  It also means being more social, getting to know other students, making friends, and working together.

Listen to others and learn how they learn… What are their methods of doing their work? What advice they have to share? Then, take some time to discover your very own learning style. Some people can study only in quiet places, while others work better when listening to music. At what times of the day are you most effective? Are you a morning person? Or rather a night owl? Get to know yourself. This will also be useful in other areas, outside the University. Basically, this is one of the most important tasks of every person – to listen to advice, and then to learn themselves better. (Even the ancient Greeks knew that… Yeah, okay. They knew everything. Good point…)

Don’t forget that you’re not a learning machine. Your body and your mind are inseparable. They are a unified ‘OM’, and both need to be taken care of. So, make yourself some time for physical activities, some Yoga, some inspiration, meditations and exercises.

Eat well and sleep well; don’t think these are a waste of your time!  Your health can only be maintained by living well in this present moment. Don’t tell yourself: ‘okay, I’ll live healthier after getting my degree’. Your body will not accept this…


Found these tips useful? Please share, and good luck with your studies!


12 July 2017.
Text © Gil Dekel.