Elements of Designs

By Dr. Gil Dekel.

Knowledge exists around us in many forms. There is knowledge in the images that we see around us, in the sounds that we hear, and the feelings we hold in our hearts and minds.

Knowledge comes from books; from sitting in universities’ classes, as well as from interacting with people, nature, and creating art.

However, often we do not see knowledge for what it is. We only see small parts of it. We see data, information, and bits of contents…

My job is to re-design content that is complex, ‘hidden’ or just not accessible. I take complex structures and simplify them, using layouts, colours, typography, images, and interactions.

As a graphic designer, learning technologist and a teacher, I am tasked with the mission of envisioning how raw information can be turned into manageable, digestible, knowledge. The task resembles an alchemist, seeking to perfect the world and present it in a way that is easy for students to hold.

I have been doing this from the age of five, when I started to ‘write’ experiences into poems in my mind. A few years later I started writing them on paper. Later, I started using images, photography, designs, art installations, performances, short videos, as well as running creative classes. And now, working for the wonderful University of Southampton Library (England, UK), I apply it in library context.

The forms and shapes (medium) are not the starting point in creating projects. What’s important is the message, the content – what we want students to learn from the tutorials that we design. Content is queen. She is the master of this world. It is about the content, the knowledge.

The design and medium should support knowledge, not the other way around. The medium, whether written poem or spoken word or interactive video, should always promote and behold the message.

© Gil Dekel. 27 May 2016.
Photo by Dmitri Popov Unsplash.com. Used with permission of author.

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