by Gil Dekel.

Use this folder structure to manage all your working files in one place. I developed this structure for Articulate Storyline projects, yet you can use it for any other type of design projects, from video and multimedia files to graphic designs for printed materials.


What: This is a guide for using a template of folders-structure, and where to save it. Use this folders-structure to save your Storyline files.

Who: Any staff creating Articulate Storyline projects.

Why: Consistent working flow and structure that all staff involved can understand and use even if the project’s creator is away on holiday.

Where: The template folder structure is saved as a ZIP, which you can copy across and use. The ZIP is called ‘ZIP Storyline – folder structure template’ and is saved in [add the path to the server where you will save the ZIP folder]

How: Copy and then unzip the folder. There will now be two steps to follow:

STEP 1: While you are working on Storyline.


STEP 2: Once Storyline is complete and ready to be published.

STEP 1: Change the name ‘ZIP Storyline – folder structure template’ to the name of your Storyline project. For example, if you are creating a Storyline about the library catalogue (Webcat) then simply name the folder: ‘Webcat’.

Inside the folder you will now see this sub-structure:


STEP 2:  Once the Storyline is complete, add sequential number to the folder and save the folder in [add location of the drive where you want the files saved]. Once the folders are numbered sequentially it will be easy for you in future to refer to the projects.

This is how a few Storyline projects folders (with sequential numbers) would look like:

example of sequential numberign of folders. Each folder contains a project. Numberign the folders will make it easy for you to refer to the projects in future.


You will then need to upload the published folder, so the Storyline can be viewed online. ‎Name the published folder with the same name of the Storyline (use hyphens between ‎words).
Copy the published folder to [add the link to where you will save the published files on your ‎server]. ‎


19 November 2016. © Gil Dekel.

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