This site contains both theoretical advice (strategies for innovation in design for pedagogy), and practical tools (design templates, tips, and tutorials).

Many websites offer strategies for developing effective learning e-courses, and innovation in use of technologies. Other websites are good at the practicality, offering tools and downloadable templates.  This website does both: offering strategies for innovations, as well as down-to-earth practical tools and templates for learning design.

Authors wishing to contribute content, please contact Gil.

A message from Gil Dekel, PhD:


Hello, I am Gil Dekel, the Learning Technologist for the wonderful University of Southampton Library (England, UK).

I provide pedagogic advice for eLearning, and developing design processes and strategies. I also develop online interactive courses.

My PhD research looked at practical processes of inspiration and creativity in art, graphic design and multimedia. I was exploring what instigate creativity and have developed practical tools to help people be more creative.

I am also part-time Associate Lecturer at another brilliant UK institution – the Open University…

Outside academia I am trained Reiki Master/Teacher, and avid designer. Here is my other website.

This website aims at:

Learning technologists, learning developers, instructional designers, strategists, eCourse developers, media educators, curriculum developers, learning specialists consultants, course designers, learning coordinators, innovators, design students.

…also: educational developers, educational researchers, technical researchers, technical developers, resource/materials developers, project managers, and team managers.

Gil Dekel. 20 May 2016. Last update 5 Feb 2017.